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~ Stapleless Paper Fasteners ~

Model, Year Introduced, Maker

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Machines that Cut and Fold Papers to Fasten Them
Clipless Stand Machine
Patented 1910-15 ~ Advertised 1909-22
Clipless Paper Fastener Co.
Newton, IA
1910 Clipless Stand Machine OM.JPG (13157 bytes)
Bump's New Model Paper Fastener
Advertised 1910-11
Bump Paper Fastener Co.
La Crosse, WI
1910_Bump_New_Model_OMc.jpg (15362 bytes)
Remo Paper Fastener
Fielding-Behrend Stationery Co. (may be agent)
New York, NY
Picture coming
Paper Fastener
Advertised 1913 (France)
1913_Brocheuse_nemployant_pas_dagrafes.jpg (137673 bytes)
Bump Stand Model Paper Fastener and Punch
Advertised 1916-50
Bump Paper Fastener Co.
La Crosse, WI
During World War II, this device was produced with black oxidized finish
because of government restrictions on the use of nickel.
Throughout the period that this model was sold, it was labeled "Patent Pending."
1916_Bump_Stand_Model_Fastener_and_Punch_OM.jpg (14469 bytes)
Junior Paper Fastener
Patented 1915 ~ Introduced 1918 ~ Advertised 1918-20
Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co.
Chicago, IL
The Dexter Paper Fastener, also made by APSCO, was advertised 1919-20.
1915 APSCO Junior Stapler Pat 8-3-15 OM.JPG (19643 bytes)
The B-B Bynd Blot Clipless Paper Fastener and Blotter 
(a.k.a. Puck Clipless Paper Fastener and Blotter)
Karbonax Ltd.
London, England
The underside of the base holds a blotter.
B-B_Bynd_Blot_side.jpg (41489 bytes)
Bump Paper Fastener
Introduced 1934 ~ Advertised 1934
Bump Paper Fastener Co.
La Crosse, WI
1934_Bump_Paper_Fastener_Co_La_Crosse_WI.jpg (14737 bytes)
Ideal Clipless Paper Fastener
Photograph courtesy of Rev. Donald Lindgren
Clipless Ideal Paper Fastener Japan OM.JPG (21336 bytes)
Machines that Crimp Papers to Fasten Them
New Paper Punch
Advertised 1903
Auto-Device Mfg. Co.
Chicago, IL
"You can attach a check, receipt or memorandum to a letter or paper without the use of pins, clips or fasteners.  You don't have to buy materials to feed this punch.  It uses the sheets themselves by crimping them."
Image coming from System 1903
Fermafix Paper Binder
Patented 1925 (Germany), 1933 (UK)
Ferma Ltd., London, England
Also sold with a German language nameplate.
1902_Fermafix_Paper_Binder_London_Eng_side.JPG (22569 bytes)
1902_Fermafix_Paper_Binder_London_Eng_detail.JPG (49323 bytes)
Paper Welder
Patented 1940-42, 1956 ~ Advertised 1941
Bathrick-Collins, Inc., Medina, NY (1941-56)
Service Industries, Middleport, NY
Paper Welder, Inc., Medina, NY

Enlarged image of "weld" that holds papers together.
A 1941 ad for "The New Paper Welder" shows a machine like the one on the left in the photograph.
A 1956 design patent shows a machine like the one on the right in the photograph.
Paper_Welders_two_models.jpg (33332 bytes)

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