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About Us

MSTelcom - Mercury Telecommunications Services, A.S.

It is a subsidiary of the Sonangol Group, dedicated to the provision of telecommunication services.

In 2003, MSTelcom was licensed by the Angolan Institute of Communications (INACOM), as a fixed telephony Telecommunications Service Operator, with the aim of being recognized as a reference provider of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) services in the African market, bringing integrated and innovative solutions, contributing to the development of the countries where it operates.

For better customer service, the company invested in the construction and implementation of several transmission networks with national coverage, using technologies, Microwave, Satellite and Optical Fiber, thus giving better strenght to its national network.

MSTelcom, serves its customers nationally and internationally in different market segments, namely: Oil & Gas, Banks, Government Institutions and Large Companies, with state-of-the-art technology



Information and communication technology (ICT) services company, offers integrated, innovative solutions And differentiated, making technical and commercial adaptations for the Angolan, PALOP and SADC segments and markets.


To be recognized as a reference information and communication technology (ICT) service provider in the African market, bringing integrated and innovative solutions contributing to the development of the countries where it operates.


Humility, Teamwork, Discipline and seriousness Loyalty, Ethical Conduct, Rigor, High performance, Respect for Stakeholders.

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Our Work Process to Help Expand Your Business

MSTelcom has as priority provide integrated, innovative and differentiated technological solutions, adapted to the needs and reality of each client, guaranteeing quality and adding value, with a strong commitment to the digital transition. We offer a wide range of products and services that help in the digital transformation of our customers, ensuring support at all stages with state-of-the-art equipment, global partner ecosystems and combined offers of telecommunications services. Over the years we have connected the whole country connecting companies and customers with various actions of unified communication networks.

Executive Committee

Bruno Filipe Neto

Bruno Filipe Neto

Executive Committee Member
Felisberta Martins Jesus

Felisberta Martins Jesus

President of the Executive Committee
Augusto Inglês

Augusto Inglês

Executive Committee Member

Our Milestones


Sonangol Group Telecommunications Provider


Start of Commercial Activity


Licensing as a fixed telephone operator


Start of construction of the Fiber Optic Network infrastructures

  • Start of exploration of the NGN network
  • Acquisition of ACS
  • Design and implementation of the entire automation and communication solution for the Angola LNG factory in Soyo
  • Completion of the TETRA Network in Luanda and Benguela
  • Back Bone National Network

Creation of the Net One Business Unit


Commercialization of the IP-MPLS network nationwide and ISO 9001-2008 Certification


Integration as Fixed SOOC Program Manager

  • Beginning of the construction of the Alberto Serafim Araújo Department (ASA) Tier III and certification by the Uptime Institute
  • Telecommunications service provider for the Lobito Refinery Project

Inauguration of the ZEE Modular Datacenter


Completion of the Benfica Datacenter


1st Operator to Implement Network Sharing with RNT

  • Switching ISP to MSP
  • Launching Cloud Service and Cyber Security
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