The speed of technology evolution provides new possibilities for doing business in an innovative and agile way. In this context, of constant change and adaptation, there are uninterrupted threats launched by well-organized and well-resourced cyber criminals. MSTelcom Cyber Security is dedicated to proactively supporting and protecting organizations against the most advanced intrusion techniques, information leaks, brand abuse and computer fraud with financial impact. Likewise, through its Security (SECaaS) 24×7, MSTelcom has a team of specialists in cyber security who act as an extension of its technical teams, providing the resources, know-how and coverage necessary to increase cybersecurity posture and resilience against new cyberthreats.


  • Security and compliance.
  • Protection of critical infrastructures.
  • Systems integrity monitoring.
  • Access to a team specialized in accidents and events.
  • Capacity Building and Resilience.
  • Intrusion attempt detection.
  • Prevention.
  • Predictability and Integration.

We design, implement and manage solutions in an integrated, structured way, with services adapted to the needs

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