Leading radio communication services in the country aimed at business, industrial and public utility customers with high demands in terms of the availability of their critical communications. It includes the supply of portable and/or mobile terminals with innovative value-added solutions that include: making unlimited voice calls, sending text (MMS), Internet access and monitoring and tracking via GPS.


  • Resilience in the continuity of services.

  • High spectral efficiency.

  • Much faster call setup time.

  • Prioritization and planning for Critical Mission situations.

  • Works at high speeds above 400 km/h.

  • Integration with data applications, regarding vehicle location.

  • Existing databases, other data systems, dispatch systems.

  • Emergency voice calls to a predefined destination and priority voice calls over others.

  • Geographic Interoperability-Displacements.

** CORPORATE COMMUNICATION RADIO ** It is the radio trunking communication solution aimed at companies that allows group calls to be made simultaneously with all elements of the same group but only for one-way communications - half-duplex. Tetra radio transmission is carried out by TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access).

** PREMIUM RADIO COMMUNICATION ** And the radio trunking communication solution aimed at companies that intend to set up in Angola for their corporate mobile voice communications. This package allows you to make group calls, selective individual calls and calls outside the TETRA network, that is, to other public networks outside MSTelcom, fixed or mobile, national or international.

We design, implement and manage solutions in an integrated, structured way, with services adapted to the needs

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