At a time when the internet of things, big data, processing needs are on the rise, MSTelcom's solutions allow the organization of mobility, access security and data storage in MSTelcom's high availability data centers.


MST Cloud helps its Customers to take advantage of the benefits of the Public Cloud platform so that they can obtain maximum efficiency and competitiveness in their business, in the most efficient and scalable way, according to their specific requirements.

MST Cloud through the Azure platform provides an integrated solution of cloud services that allows you to obtain analytics, computing, databases, mobile, networks, storage and web.


  • Monitoring and Support 24/7;
  • Consistent hybrid cloud platform;
  • Reliability and fast implementation;
  • Scalability;
  • Optimized application performance;
  • Adaptation of a platform according to your specific requirements;
  • Custom architecture and resource allocation "on demand";
  • Reduction of infrastructure costs (capex and funds);
  • Total privacy of your data;
  • Wide range of hosting services and management options;
  • System integrated with PaaS and SaaS;
  • Specialized and certified know-how in simplified process management.

We design, implement and manage solutions in an integrated, structured way, with services adapted to the needs

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