Telecom Forum 2023

Telecom Forum 2023

On September 15, 2023, the 6th Edition of the Telecom Forum took place on the premises of the Intercontinental Hotel.

The Challenges of Infrastructure, financing and new digital concepts, was the theme of the forum organized by Jornal Expansão.

The event was attended by around 350 people, including businesspeople, members of the executive and civil society.

During the event, a reflection was made on how digital challenges can be overcome within the Angolan reality, as well as giving a voice to the main operators with the aim of understanding their expectations given the need to operationalize the relationship between technology, financial system and innovation.

The event had three distinct moments, namely: Lectures and round table, deconstructing and exhibition.

During the deconstructing – Expansão conversations, some testimonies from representatives of companies that operated in the national market were shown, with emphasis on the testimony of the President of the Executive Committee of MSTelcom Engª Felisberta de Jesus who began by addressing that artificial intelligence demonstrates a significant advance and plays a crucial role in the country technological advances, especially for companies, as well as the advantages that artificial intelligence can bring in optimising the execution time of various tasks and warned of its dangers in society such as the unemployment rate, invasion of other people privacy, civil freedom and dependence on artificial intelligence.

During the event, MSTelcom presented a series of services with cutting-edge technology, with emphasis on Telephony, Zwela+, SMS Pro and Internet. That caught the attention of those present at the time of the exhibition and they expressed interest in telephone and Internet services in particular.

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